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Guide updated on 22/01/2021 - updated to work with live client. Fixed errors with newer versions of MariaDB

This is a guide I originally posted over at the Dawn of Light forums. It has a few changed steps as this guide will use my Dawn of Light repo that currently supports clients from 1.124 to 1.127b. Live is currently on version 1.127b. This repo does not support any client below version 1.124 - If you want your server to use an older dll, you should use the official DOL repo and follow my guide over on the forums Win10 Guide The offical DOL repo and this one have many differences, so its best to find out which one you like. If you can do basic coding, it's easy enough to copy/paste the features you want to the other repo.

A few things to note:
- This guide is based on Windows 10, although Windows 7 should work too.
- This is just a basic setup to get you in the game world - Nothing to do with compiling files or customizing will be included.
- There are many other ways and applications that can be used with DOL, this is just some user friendly apps to get started.

To start things off we will download the game client. Head over to Broadswords site and follow the prompts to download and install the client. Now we download MariaDB This will install the MySQL service and install HeidiSQL which we will use to edit our Database. Click to download the latest stable release. (The version may differ from the picture)


On the next page you will have a list of download links for various operating systems. Choose the .msi (microsoft installer) for the windows version you are using , either 64bit or 32bit

MariaDB installer

Once downloaded, begin the installation. It's recommended to install with the default selected settings. When you get to the password page, enter and confirm a new password for your 'root' account. This is basically an admin account for your mysql service. Make sure you remember this password!

MariaDB password

Once installation has completed, you will notice a shortcut on your desktop for HeidiSQL Now will will download the latest public database. This is the only version current and supported. All other DB's you find on this forum may have conflicts with this installation. (Note - This is not too say data from those databases cannot be later used with this current DB)

Click on 'Clone or download' -> download ZIP

Once downloaded, extract all the files and goto that folder location. From there, navigate down folders src\scripts\bin\windows Right click 'concat.exe' and run as administrator


A blank DOS windows should appear for some time , when it disappears the database file should be created as 'public-db.sql'

db created

If the file is not created, navigate to src\scripts\config - You will see a file name 'config.example.yml' - Rename this file to config.yml, then navigate back to the 'concat.exe' like before and run to create the database file.

Now that we have the public database created, we now go to the HeidiSQL shortcut on the desktop and double click it. A session window will appear where we need to enter the password we created for 'root' earlier. Enter the password then click open.


Now we right click on 'unnamed' -> create new -> database

new db

A small window pops up, where we enter the 'name' as 'dol' . From the dropdown menu, select 'utf8_general_ci'. Click Ok

db name

Now we will import the database we created earlier. Select the down arrow next to 'unnamed' and select 'dol'

db selected

Now click on 'file' -> Run .sql file

db run

Now we navigate to the folder where we created the public -db.sql file earlier (1) . Select the file (2) Click open (3)

db open

A progress window will appear while the database is extracting

db import

When this is done, we will check to see if our new database has been populated. Click on 'unnnamed' -> 'dol' Right click 'dol' and then click on refresh. We should now see a heap of created tables and some information telling us how many lines etc are in them.

db refresh
db tables

Our database is installed. We can now run the server software. As mentioned at the start, this guide will use my fork of the official DOL repo which supports from 1.124 to 1.127b version of the game. If you cannot compile code, I have a pre-compiled 'release' version which can be downloaded here - 1.127b Release - otherwise I suggest you head over to my fork at Los Ojos 1127 and compile it yourself. Download and extract this 'Release' version of the DOL server software. Goto the folder location where you extracted the files. Double click on 'dolconfig.exe' An error window will popup on first time use saying it will create a config file. Click 'Yes'

dolconfig error

In the dolconfig window what opens, click on the 'Database' tab (1). Click the down box for database type and select 'MySQL' (2). Enter 'root' as the username and enter your mysql password from before (3). Click 'test connection' (4). If successful it will display a success message. Click save configuration down the bottom right and then close the window (5).


Now double click on 'dolserver.exe' A DOS console window will appear and text will start scrolling down indicating that the database is being loaded and server being started. A windows firewall window may popup, allowing you to add an exception for the 'dolserver.exe' Click accept if you wish to connect to this server over a LAN network and such. Once the server has completed loading, it will display a final message "GameServer is now open for connections!"

dol console

The server is now running. Now we will Download DAoCPortal to connect to the server DAoC Portal. If you already have DAoC Portal, make sure you have 'auto-update' checked so you get the latest version of the 'connect.exe' required to connect to versions 1.126+. If you are having trouble installing from the .msi file you can download the .zip version here DAoC Portal zipped

Now we set the default directory for our DAoC game we installed earlier. Click on 'File' -> Settings. Under the 'Client' tab, click 'Browse' to navigate to the directory of our game.dll in the Dark age game folder. Click 'Ok' then click 'Close'.

portal game folder

Now click the 'Custom Shards' tab, then right click in the blank white space and click 'add server'

portal add server

A small window will pop up with some default details. These are fine for us right now, so just click 'Ok' You will how have an entry for you server in the custom shards tab. A 'green light' should be visible indicating that portal can see our server! Select the server, then click inside the 'user' box to enter a username. This can be whatever you want your account name to be. Then click inside the 'Pass' box to enter the password you want for this account. This does not need to match the mysql 'root' password. Click on 'Play!' and the game will begin to connect!

portal creds

If everything has been done, you will see the loading screen and then the realm select screen in game. Continue through the screens to create a character as normal, then click the play button to enter the world.

in game

We are almost done! Now we will give this account Administrator permissions. Exit the game as normal with /q Now goto our heidiSQL window that we still have open. In the tables we see in the 'dol' database, we select the 'account' table (1), click the 'data' tab (2) and select our newly created account entry (3). Double click the cell for 'PrivLevel' and change it from 1 to 3. 1 being a normal account, 2 being a GM account, and 3 being Admin account. Click anywhere in the blank white space to make the change take place (4).

admin account

And we are done. You can connect to your server and make changes with this account now. New accounts can be created by entering a different username/password in the portal application as you did before. Well, if you made it to here and are connected than that's great! I hope this guide was helpful for some. If you have followed all the steps and are still stuck, please re-read the guide! Sometimes a small step is missed and will cause errors. If you are still having trouble, join the Los Ojos discord and message me with your issue. Good luck! When asking questions about this repo on the offical DOL discord, you will not find any help as they will not be familiar with it.