Los Ojos Rojos

Dark Age of Camelot PvP Freeshard and Dawn of Light resource

Ok this is just a quick guide to explain how to use an interact goal with a static object in the game. For example, you could have a goal that requires the player to "raid some chest supplies".


To do this is pretty simple. Add an object to the game with /object create
Give it a name and a model with /object name and /object model
Now you simple add the objects name to the 'goaltargtname' in the database for that step, as well set the 'goaltype' to 4. For the quest in the picture the 'goaltargetname' and 'goaltype' looks like this:
young cutpurse|Chest of Supplies|Darby and 3|4|5
When you are up to this goal/step you will just need to interact with the object to complete the goal. The player will also do a searching emote.


If you want you can also add an item that is received into the quest journal. This is done the same way as explained in the rewardquest tutorial.


Some things I plan to add later is the option to remove the object from the world on interact (Like for a collection type effect) and also to add the ability to use the items in the journal for additional custom steps.