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Guide updated on 10/28/2018

The SimpleTeleporter class is a quick and easy way to create teleport locations around the game world. It's a fairly basic at it's core, but can customized as much as you like by extending the class.

In this guide I will just demostrate the SimpleTeleporter as is.

To start off, we will create a mob at the location that we want our teleporter NPC to be standing. To do this, use the command:

/mob create DOL.GS.SimpleTeleporter

(Note: Commands that reference a class are case sensitive)

create mob

You will notice the mob has a blue ring at its base, and if you right to interact with it, you will get some text.

mob created

You can give the mob a name, but more importantly we need to give the mob a guild. The guild name will be used as a 'type' reference in the database for what teleport locations are associated together. (Use quotation marks for guild names longer than one word)

guild name

Now that the teleporter mob is setup, let's goto a location that we want to be able to teleport to. To add a location, use the command:

/teleport add 'teleporter Id' 'type'

where the 'teleporter Id' is the name we want to see on the teleporter mobs list, and 'type' is the guild name we made earlier

teleport location

If we go back to the teleporter npc and interact, you will now see some different dialog as well as the location we just added.

teleport location added

Click on the yellow text to test it out


So that was pretty easy! You can add as many locations to the 'type' (guild name) and they will show up on the teleporters list of destinations. Eg:

/teleport add camelot dolguide
/teleport add jordheim dolguide

You can also create another teleporter at a different location and have them use the same list by giving them the same 'guild name'. If the list doesn't show up, use the command: /teleport refresh while having the mob selected to refresh their list.

You can also edit the locations in the database under the table 'teleport' incase you want to change the name / Id' etc

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