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Guide updated on 06/04/2019

This is a quick guide on how to use the /port command. This command can be used to add jump point locations anywhere in the game for admins/gamemasters to use. These points are stored in the 'jumppoint' table.

To add a location that you would like to be able to port to, simply type /port add locname where locname is what you would like to call the port location. This will add your current location to the jumppoint table with the name you entered. For example, if I was in Gothwaite Harbor and I wanted to add that location I may enter /port add gothharbor

To port to a location from the jumppoint table, the admin/GM would type /port to locname. Using the previous example that would be /port to gothharbor

To see all the the port locations in the jumppoint table simply type /port list

To remove and entry from the jumppoint table type /port remove locname

A quick and easy way for admin/GM's to create locations for them to move around to.