Los Ojos Rojos

Dark Age of Camelot PvP Freeshard and Dawn of Light resource

22st November, 2018

With the ski town full of people for the turkey holiday, it was a good time to give the mountain a break and try to finish off some of the changed packets in 1.125a. Only a few changes it seemed, mostly looked like some refactoring, but enough to comepletely break the character select screen. Fortunately, if you stare at enough hexadecimals you become one with the matrix. Soon enough I was in game

in game

Probably the best new feature with 1.125 is having the time remaining on active buffs and the cooldown on abilities shown on the icon (Can be seen in the image above). No more excuse for your AF buff to be dropping mid fight i guess.. The other kinda nice addition was the ability to delve tradeskill items that have magical properties. For example, in Alchemy you can now right click a reactive tincture and get info on it to see what it actually does.

A few problems exist though for rolling out this patch onto the shard, as it requires an updated portal connect due to some changes that break the current method of bypassing the encryption. I guess only I will be enjoying these new changes for now. Time for a custom launcher?