Los Ojos Rojos

Dark Age of Camelot PvP Freeshard and Dawn of Light resource

Server Info

General Settings

  • PvP Mode - Capital cities and housing are safe zones, as well as the first dungeons (Mithra Tomb, Nisse Lair etc.)
  • Patch Level - No direct patch level is being aimed for, but rather implementing the better mechanics / abilities from across the years without the dulling down of class diversity and skill cap as seen in the more recent patches.
  • Level Restrictions - Some regions (and all dungeons) will have level minimums and caps to promote a more even playing field for pre-50 PvP
  • Class Restrictions - The following classes will not be implemented: Animist, Bainshee, Bonedancer, Heretic, Mauler, Necromancer, Valkyrie, Vampiir, Warlock
  • Group Restrictions - Some regions will have different group size limits - TBD
  • Game Client - All the benefits of the newest 1.124 game client
los ojos

Game World

Albion is the final frontier, which means no zones from the Hibs or Mids (with a few exceptions). Strange as that may seem, it will fit in with the servers 'story' as well as the quest lines. Classic Albion and Shrouded Isles are the biggest regions, but we also make use of some of the newer, visually appealing regions that were added over the years, such as Ellan Vannin.

ellan vannin ck

Monster AI

Although this is a PvP server, the world is full of all the unique AI you'd expect from the mobs as well as new encounters to discover.


Items and Crafting

Spellcrafting is out, Epic armor is in! So players will be gearing up 'the old fashioned way' with drops and our unique ROG crafting system. Mob encounters with traditionally bad loot templates have been updated to be more desirable.

Keeps and Relics

4 Keeps in classic Albion, 3 towers and the unique underground keep in Ellan Vannin are up for grabs. Bonuses for holding keeps have yet to be decided, while relics won't likely be making an appearance. All the siege engines currently availble on live are in except the siege towers.

Humberton Keep